How To Get More Eyeballs To Your Blog

How To Get More Eyeballs On Your Blog

Are you in the beginning stages of blogging and would love to know how to gain more viewers and eyeballs? In this video, I share with you a few of my favorite and effective strategies that will allow you to gain more views and social shares for your blog posts, even long after you have…

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A Number

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number was a really cute song by Aaliyah, however I’m not referring to the song in this case! I’m speaking about mindset and growing your business. Sometimes we may tend to discredit a person because they are younger than us. This video shares with you my thoughts about judging a…

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The Affordable Care Act and Your Business

The trending topic of discussion a few days ago was the Affordable Care Act and how the penalties will increase in the 2016 tax season for individuals who fail to have qualifying insurance coverage. This trend made me ponder the question on why business owners do not look at this as a tax benefit, along…

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Do This Action Today To Increase Your Profits

Do you ever sit and wonder what’s causing you to remain stuck, stagnant and broke…no okay I won’t use the “b” word, however stuck and stagnant are negative places where we don’t want to find ourselves in business. This video shares with you something that you must do in order to increase your profits and…

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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Business?

Are you in business and trying to nickel and dime your way to success? This video shares reasons why you shouldn’t expect to see huge results from a $5 mentality and budget.        I hope that this information was helpful to you, if so please comment and share!    Thanks for watching, Van…

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Why Should You Commit To The Value Driven Process?

I’m sure you have your reasons for wanting to build a business. So now you are set out to get as many eyeballs on it as possible. You create the content like you have been  coached to do, but you have this lingering question. That lingering question is “is anybody looking at my stuff?” If…

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Untitled design (7)

Are You Harboring Past Hurts and Disappointments?

You may have read the title and thought “oh no here we go with another one of those posts!” Yeah here we go! I speak a lot on personal development and life, emotions, etc. because they are important to the success that you desire. If you want to reach your goals and you are having…

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How To Optimize Your Facebook Advertising

Have you ever browsed products on a website and found that product following you when you change to another website or even on Facebook? Yep that same product that you were checking out on that website somehow magically appears in your news feed or on the right side of your screen. This is called re-targeting…

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Value The Time

Are You Being Respectful of The Time?

Now that you have a business, I hope that you recognize that time is important. I’m sure time has always been an important factor, however if you have clients and business to tend to, it is of an even greater importance. This video shares a helpful tip on how to make sure that you are respectful…

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Provide Solutions

Why Should You Focus On Providing Exceptional Solutions?

    When getting started in business some of us tend to focus only on making money and wonder why we are not having much success. When money is the only focus, you won’t attract sustained success. This video shares where to place your focus so that you will achieve the success that you deserve and…

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